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Resquid is an amusing little game that can be fun for all skill levels, because it's easy to both do well and make mistakes. The music, what I was able to hear of it, worked well for the overall experience and wasn't too intrusive. It helped the atmosphere without adding tension, despite the impending doom. The art style was nicely done as well, with everything moving pretty smoothly and fitting the underwater cave look. I noticed there was one squid I could not bubble at all but, that aside, this was enjoyable.

Good job on this, devs.

Thanks a lot for all your feedbacks and the video! We're happy you liked it so much! You're awesome! :3


if cyptic hybrid using controller to play them, i use keyboard and this is my first time playing with 26 score.

Hey thank you for playing! We hope you enjoyed it! I know i use keyboard too and it's a bit more difficult! But you did a very good score anyways ;)

Thank you for the squids!

thank you for your compliments


Adorable concept. My best is 107 saves. :)

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Man that's so cool! Thank you for saving all those squids! :D
I bet you hit the highest score for the moment! So much squids saved! ♥

Thank you again for playing and for your feedbacks! That's awesome :3

Thank you, that was a pretty good run. Let me know of any new projects, even if they are squid-free. :) 


Very nice of you! I wont forget, I promise :)